22 Sep 2011

Love is a losing game

It's sad how we go from strangers to friends to lovers and back to friends then back to strangers again.

I used:
* paper Canson size A3
* pencils Derwent
* tissues and tortillions for blending
* erasers: regular and kneaded


  1. Oh My God :O

    This is so amazing. The tears are great - and you've done it soooooooo well.

    Well done. This can win a worldwide art competition :P. No kidding.

  2. Thank you! Tears were pretty easy.. xD but the rest was really difficult to do.. i spent many hours to draw it i think it could be much better..

    Art is never finished, only abandoned.
    ~Leonardo da Vinci

    This is very true! I had enough of this work so i decided to stop drawing :P but im glad if you like :D thank for supporting comments <3

  3. The worst part of art is "You never know when to stop"
    ~I made this just now :P.

    An Artist can never achieve his complete desires, you are an artist, you can put as much detail as you can on a single piece of paper and yet think that more can be done with it. That is why an Artist should never try to criticize another artist, 'cos they both know that even if they keep improving that single piece of paper for all their life, they still won't be satisfied by the detail and emotion of it. They'll still think that there is something left undone in it.

    This drawing is lovely :). Keep Drawing.

    Do you do Abstract drawing too? I've seen many drawings out there in which people have created many abstract things. Some have even created sketches from their dreams.

    You should try it sometimes :). If you ever get time.

  4. cudnie! normalnie i podpis prawdziwy! brawo! z niecierpliwoscia czekam na nastepne!

  5. Przepiękny! Szkoda, że nie pójdziesz do jakiejś szkoły czy coś. Masz talent, i szkoda go tak po prostu marnować!

  6. Przepięknie rysujesz... Jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem :)

  7. Twoje prace robią wrażenie, czekam na kolejne ^^

  8. Thats very true Daniyal.
    Thank you :D <33

    I dont do Abstract drawings now. I did when I was a kid!! Then each drawing was an abstract one xD ahahah But seriously, I think that I like the realistic style much more =)

  9. no no :)
    aż miło popatrzeć jak się zmienia Twój rysunek :)

    powodzenia :*

  10. Ojj dziękuję :)
    A ja mam wrażenie, że zatrzymałam się na jednym poziomie.. znaczy się średnim albo coś koło tego ;P
    Pozdrawiam i również powodzenia ;D

  11. OMG! I love all of your drawings. I wish you best and I wish, I could draw like you.
    By the way, this is my blog and all od friends can look my drawings.


  12. This is truly amazing
    I wish I had a fraction of your talent

    Check my blog out

  13. niesamowite prace, aż nie chce się wierzyć, że wszystkiego nauczyłaś się sama...no po prostu brak słów *_*

  14. niesamowite, masz niezwykły talent :)

  15. May I please please please use this picture for a YouTube video on my channel??

  16. Okay! :) Just put my name or a link to my blog below the video :)

  17. I love art but I can't draw like this u have an amazing talent $.$ IT'S MONEY MAKING

  18. You really drew this? I'm amazed...there's something about it. I can't take my eyes of it. If I could buy it, I would. You are amazing.

  19. Hello im Courtney ^_^ and ur birthday is a day after mine how cool lol but i was born on 1997 but your drawing is amazing and i think u should b satisfied bcuz i am :) keep up the great work

  20. Wooow, coś pięknego. Po prostu cudo! :)

  21. Świetnie wyszły oczy, szczególnie łzy. Tylko usta wyglądają trochę dziwnie, jak doklejone.