8 Oct 2011


Commission for someone
She likes it, so im happy :D
It always could be better tho
Thanks for watching <3 br="">
I used:
* paper Canson size A3
* pencils Derwent
* tissues and tortillions for blending
* erasers: regular and kneaded


  1. @_@ You are Awesome. May be you should make me one some day too :P

    May be in 2013.

  2. your work is incredible! you have reached limits some will never reach in their life! wheres the confidence!!! lol. saying it could be better :(...i think its perfect. Its safe to say a work of art is never complete but that dosent mean it isnt perfect. Your work is awesome and love seeing what new work you have to do cause its that good!

  3. Thank you so much Chris and Daniyal !!! :D:D

  4. Very nice you are!
    When I look to your art, I am emulating. And, I think that I want to be professional like you. When I begin to work for be like you, but I can't. :)
    Congratulations! Keep going :)

    By the way, this is my personal blog: http://suhanalp.blogspot.com/ :)

  5. czym rysujesz??? bo efekt jest boski!!!

    zapraszam do mnie